Welcome to the Rectorate website of the University Miguel Hernandez de Elche, a young public university, full of enthusiasm and energy, whose firm intention to offer training and research of the highest quality. Our goals are: to train our students in full from the plural and critical thinking, generating top-level research and collaborate in solving problems affecting our society to its greatest development.

We express our gratitude to all those who every day contribute to our education, with the confidence that our university is not only good professionals, but also contributes significantly to social, economic and cultural development.

With seven faculties, two schools and five polytechnics Research Center, University Miguel Hernandez de Elche encompasses a wide range of training and research fields. His studies cover traditional academic disciplines and other more specialized and innovative. By having several leading research groups at the University Miguel Hernandez de Elche ensures that lessons are closely related to current world events and developments. Moreover, their employment programs for students in institutions and public and private entities and companies, provides students with excellent opportunities for professional development, and job placement.

On this website you will find information about our academic, cultural, sports and research, among others. We appreciate your visit and hope it will be interesting.


Jesús Tadeo Pastor Ciurana

Rector of the University Miguel Hernandez de Elche

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2 March 2018